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Vue Native Practical Course




Vue JS Online Certification


Working Professionals and Freshers


Both Classroom and Online Classes


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

45 Days

Vue JS Objectives

•Learn to build apps with Vue JS.
•How to create delete and view Vue JS.
•Learn to code with Vue JS the easy way.
•Learn End to End Vue JS complete ground up
•You will know how to configure a Vue JS jobs.
•Start learning from this excellent course on Vue JS programming!
•You’ll learn how to solve well known standard functions in Vue JS.
•Learn the basics of Vue JS and get up and running quickly
•Learn to build applications on the most flexible enterprise platform for Distributed applications.

vue native practical course Course Highlights

•Additional Sessions for Doubt Clearing
•Free technical support for students
•We assist on Internship on Real-Time Project 
•We Provide the Course Certificate of completion
•Facility of Lab on cloud available (based on booking)
•Access to a huge closet containing information about Hadoop
•One-on-one training, online training, team or Corporate training can be provided
•Lifetime access to our 24×7 online support team who will resolve all your technical queries, through ticket based tracking system.

Who are eligible for Vue JS

•.Net Developer, PL SQL developer, UI Designer, Data Analyst, Business Analyst
•full stack web developer, Core Java, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Html5, Css3, Bootstrap, Node.js, Mysql, Mongodb
•java, .net, php, Software Testing, Automation Testing, oracle, sap, msbi, tableau, networking, Linux Administration, storage, full stack developer, devops
•Python, React, Javascript, Html, Css, Web Technologies, Front End Developer, Backend Developer, Mysql, Mongodb
•Software Development, Senior Software Developer, Mean Stack, React.js, Mern Stack, Full Stack, Sql, Spark, Scala, Python, Ui Development


[Optional]: Detailed Overview
•[Optional]: How to get a help
•[Optional]: Vue Intro
•Project Setup
•Android Setup + Xcode
•Dependency Installation
•Emulators Preparation
•[Optional]: Setup Project with Github
•First Steps
•Folder Structure Explanation
•App Component
•Hello Component
•Methods + Click Event
•Computed Properties
•Multiple Screens
•Navigate Props
•Module Resolver
•Navigation Intro
•Stack Navigation
•Navigation Buttons
•Restructuring part 1
•Restructuring part 2
•Native Base
•Tab Navigation
•Drawer Navigation
•Drawer Stack
•Screen with Drawer
•Data Manipulation
•Fetch Todos
•Vuex Starts
•Vuex Fetch Todos
•Server Setup
•Git Ignore
•[Optional]: Server Additional Info
•Meetup Feature
•Fetch Meetups – Postman
•Fetch Meetups Vuex
•Move Meetups To Module
•Meetup Card in Home Screen
•Meetup Card Component
•Navigate to Meetup Detail Screen
•Send Params in Navigation
•Fetch Meetup by Id
•Detail Screen Template + Styling
•Display Real Data in Detail Screen
•Detail Info Component
•Tabs in Detail Screen
•Fetch Threads + Threads Module
•Store Improvements
•Display Threads
•Joined People Component
•Format Date Pipe
•App Message Component
•Login & Register Screens
•Bind Values to Login Form
•Bind Values to Register Form
•Form Validation
•Input With Error
•More Validators
•Login Functionality
•Toast Messages
•Save Token
•Validate Token
•Get Secret Data & Attach Token to Headers
•Request Interceptors
•Get Current User
•Small Fixes + Loader
•Register Functionality
•Send Message After Register
•Navigation Events
•Resolve Auth State
•Android Loading Fix
•Auth Small Fixes
•UI Improvements
•App Header
•App Header Navigation
•Actionsheet handle options
•Handle Logout
•Conditionally Render Action Options
•Meetup Create
•Meetup Create Screen
•Android Fixes
•Bind Data to Create Form
•Picker Input Init
•Fetch Categories
•Category Picker Finished
•Date Picker
•[Optional]: Generate Times Explanation
•Time Picker
•Time Picker part 2
•Create Meetup
•Redirect After Create
•Final Improvements
•Background Image + Base URL
•Detach Server
•Deploy Server To Heroku
•Final Lesson
•[Bonus]: Additional Resources