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Python3 Peps




Python Professional Training


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Duration :

45 Days

Python Objectives

•An overview about Python concepts.
•Master Python concepts from the ground up
•Learn from simple and interactive sessions on Python
•A introductory understanding of how to program in Python.
•Learn Python programming best pracitices, SOLID, Design and more!
•Start learning from this excellent course on Python programming!
•Learn to code in Python from scratch with hands-on projects
•Learn Python the Fast and Easy Way With This Popular Bundle Course!
•with this time saving course you will Learn Python and ready to use it

python3 peps Course Highlights

•Most comprehensive Industrry curriculum
•Free technical support for students
•Accessibility of adequate training resources
•Best Opportunity To Both Learn And Work From Home
•Facility of Lab on cloud available (based on booking)
•We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference
•We also provide Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches also for Working Professionals
•The course is all about familiarizing the trainees with simpler and smarter ways to develop the skills required for Implementation.

Who are eligible for Python

•.Net, Asp.net, Application Support, Manual Testing, Business Analyst, Angularjs, Angular6, Angular7, Node.js, Mean Stack, Mern, Dot Net Developer, Fresher
•Developers, Architect, Business Analyst, Analytics, Core Java, Android, Android Sdk, Javascript, Front End, Angular Js, Html, Css, Software Engineering
•JSF, hibernate, spring, Java SE 6 Developer, Sun Certified Developer for Java 2 Platform / Oracle Certified Master, html
•Python, Odoo, Openerp, Odoo 8, Open Erp, .Net, Java Jsp, Software Development, Android App, Ios App Developer, Android, IOS
•Websphere Message Broker, Ibm Bpm, Odm, Cognos Bi, Filenet, Tivoli, Datapower, Redhat Linux, Cloud Computing, Mobile Testing, Devops, Java, .Net, Python


•Python Enhancement Proposals
•Source code and Slides
•Best Practice for moving to Python
•PEP Unifying Long Integers and Integers
•PEP Changing the Division Operator
•PEP KeySharing Dictionary
•PEP The pathlib module objectoriented filesystem paths
•PEP Adding an Enum type to the Python standard library
•PEP Additional Unpacking Generalizations
•PEP Adding A Statistics Module To The Standard Library
•PEP Literal String Interpolation
•PEP Underscores in Numeric Literals
•PEP Advanced String Formatting
•PEP KeywordOnly Arguments
•PEP Make print a function
•PEP Simple input builtin in Python
•PEP Renaming iteratornext to iteratornext
•PEP New Super
•range and xrange
•dict and zip
•Type Annotations
•Function Annotations
•Variable Annotations
•Typing Library
•Typechecker Tools mypy
•PyCharm and Type Check
•Unicode in Python
•ASCII and Unicode
•ASCII and Unicode in Python
•Everything is Unicode in Python
•Unicode Variable Name
•Asynchronous Programming
•PEP Asyncio
•Asynchronous with Python yield Statement
•asyncio Demo
•Thanks for watching