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Mastering React State Management With Redux




React Native IT Institute


Graduates and Technology Aspirants


Regular Offline and Online Live Training


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

60 Days

React Native Objectives

•How to apply React Native Script.
•React Native Script How to apply and use it.
•How to create an React Native project from scratch.
•Learn how to structure a large-scale project using React Native.
•Learn The Basics of React Native In a Single Course
•Learn the React Native fundamentals you’ll be using day-in and day-outYou will Learn How to Create and Use Model in React Native.
•Go from ‘zero’ to a true React Native expert’. Learn by examples
•Learn from two React Native experts and take your flow skills to the next level.

mastering react state management with redux Training Features

•Additional Sessions for Doubt Clearing
•Get Training from Certified Professionals
•Accessibility of adequate training resources
•Trainer support after completion of the course
•Facility of Lab on cloud available (based on booking)
•Project manager can be assigned to track candidates’ performance
•Make aware of code competence in building extensive range of applications using Python
•We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts

Who are eligible for React Native

•C, asp.net vb.net c# c c++, Java Developer, Php Developer, dot net c# asp.net vb.net
•Digital Marketing, General Manager, Business Development, Product Manager, Big Data, Business Analyst, Frontend Developer, Human Resources, data
•Java, J2EE, Machine Learning, Image Processing, UI Design, UX Developer, C++, Python, Perl
•OBIEE, OBIA, ODI, PHP, QA, Oracle Apps DBA, SQL Sever DBA, Dot Net Developer, Automation Testing, Informatica Developer, UI Designer, Agile PLM
•Spring, Hibernate, Java, Dot Net, Dotnet MVC, Android, iOS, Dot net developer, Android Developer, Manual Testing, Embedded, Telecom


•Redux End to End
•The Course Overview
•Building and Compiling a React Application
•One Way Data Flow in React
•Serving React Apps from Express
•Loading SASS Modules
•Isomorphic Rendering
•Integrating Redux
•Isomorphic Redux
•Database Access with Knex
•Object Relational Mapping with Bookshelf
•Token Based Authentication
•Cookies and CSRF Tokens
•Building a Login Form
•Staying Authenticated
•Client Side Routing with ReactRouter
•Isomorphic Routing with Reactrouter
•Logging Out
•Create New Records with Express and Bookshelf
•Building a New Customer Form with Validation
•Incorporating Backend Validations
•Redux Data Tables
•Redux Pagination
•Reusing Actions and Reducers
•Preloading Data with Server Side Rendering
•Testing Redux Code
•Type Checking JavaScript
•Mastering Redux
•Global State and Where to Consume It
•Information Architecture Models versus Features
•Choosing the Correct Project Structure
•Scaling Your Application Using Ducks
•Managing User Events
•Managing API Data
•Solving Real Life Problems Using Flux
•Actions and Action Creators AntiPatterns
•Composing Reducers for Improved Reusability
•Adding Tests to Your Redux Application
•Solving the Same Problem with Redux and Other Libraries
•Using Immer to Reduce Boilerplate
•Taking Advantage of ReduxActions
•Low Hanging Fruit
•Using Selectors
•Using Virtualised Lists
•Destructuring ReduxThunk
•Enhance Your Store
•Handle Async Actions
•ReduxThunk at Scale
•Using ReduxPack
•Server Rendering Your React App
•Rehydrating Your Code on the Client
•Prefetching Data on the Server
•Rendering from a Cache
•Sharing Data Cache between Server and Client
•Persisting the Data Cache
•Redux – End to End
•Client Side Routing with React-Router
•Isomorphic Routing with React-router
•Information Architecture – Models versus Features
•Taking Advantage of Redux-Actions
•Destructuring Redux-Thunk
•Redux-Thunk at Scale
•Using Redux-Pack
•Test Your Knowledge