What you’ll learn

  • Code in multiple programming languages
  • Understand and expand on machine learning concepts for your own projects
  • Make facial fraud detection models & a stock market prediction app.
  • Understand data visualization, Apache Spark, SQL, NLP, Matplotlib
  • Design and build stunning data visualizations with D3. js.
  • Use Flask, a micro web framework written in Python, for web app development
  • Make apps for Mac with Xcode and Swift
  • Design apps, icons, landing pages, and animations with Sketch
  • Produce YouTube videos, live action gaming, marketing videos, screen captures & presentations with Camtasia
  • Code in C#

Introduction to Android Studio

Intro and Topics List
Downloading and Installing Android Studio
Exploring Interface
Setting up an Emulator and Running Project


Introduction to Java

Intro to Language Basics
Variable Types
Operations on Variables
Array and Lists
Array and List Operations
If and Switch Statements
While Loops
For Loops
Functions Intro
Parameters and Return Values
Classes and Objects Intro
Superclass and Subclasses
Static Variables and Axis Modifiers


Introduction to App Development

Intro To Android App Development
Building Basic UI
Connecting UI to Backend
Implementing Backend and Tidying UI


Machine Learning Concepts

Introduction to Machine Learning
PyCharm Project Files


Introduction to PyCharm

Introduction and Topics List
Downloading and Installing PyCharm and Python
Exploring Pycharm
Learning Python with Mammoth Interactive


Python Language Basics

Python Variables
Variables Operations and Conversions
Collection Types
Collections Operations
Control Flow If Statements
While and For Loops
Classes and Objects


Introduction to TensorFlow

Introduction to TensorFlow
Topics List
Importing Tensorflow to Pycharm
Constant Nodes and Sessions
Variable Nodes
Placeholder Nodes
Operation nodes
Loss, Optimizers, and Training
Building a Linear Regression Model
Source Files


Tensorflow Estimator

Introduction to Upcoming Topics
Introduction to Estimator
Topics List
Setting up Prebuilt Estimator Model
Evaluating and Predicting with Prebuilt Model
Building Custom Estimator Function
Testing the Custom Estimator Function
Summary and Model Comparison
Source Files


Importing Android Machine Learning Models

Intro and Demo
Topics List
Formatting and Saving the Model
Saving the Optimized Graph File
Starting Android Project
Building the UI
Implementing Inference Functionality
Testing and Error Fixing
Source Files


Simple MNIST

Intro and Demo
Topics List and Intro to MNIST Data
Building Computational Graph
Training and Testing the Model
Saving and Freezing the Graph for Android Import
Setting up Android Studio Project
Building the UI
Loading Digit Images
Formatting Image Data
Making Prediction Using Model
Displaying Results and Summary
Simple MNIST – Mammoth Interactive


MNIST with Estimator

Topics List
Building Custom Estimator Function
Building Input Functions, Training, and Testing
Predicting Using Our Model and Model Comparisons
MNIST With Estimator – Mammoth Interactive


Introduction to Prediction Projects

Introduction to Upcoming Projects
Source Code


Stock Market Prediction

Project Demo
Project Overview
Retrieving Data via RESTful API Call
Parsing JSON Data Pycharm Style
Formatting Data
Building the Model
Training and Testing The model
Freezing Graph
Setting up Android Project
Building UI
Requesting Data Via AsyncTask
Parsing JSON Data Android Style
Running Inference and Displaying Results
Stock Market Prediction Project Files- Mammoth Interactive


Text Prediction

Intro and Demo
Tasks List
Processing Text Data
Building Data Sets and Model Builder Function
Building Computational Graph
Writing Training and Testing Code
Training, Testing, and Freezing Graph
Setting up Android Project
Setting up UI
Setting up Vocab Dictionary
Formatting Input and Running Through Model
Text Prediction – Mammoth Interactive


Weather Prediction Project

Intro and Demo
Tasks List
Retrieving the Data
Formatting Data Sets
Building Computational Graph
Writing Training, Testing, and Evaluating Functions
Training, Testing, and Freezing the Model
Setting up Android Project
Building the UI
Build App Backend and Project Summary
Weather Prediction – Mammoth Interactive


Introduction to Detection Projects

Introduction to Upcoming Projects
Source Code


Using the CIFAR10 Dataset

Intro and Demo
Topics List
Exploring CIFAR 10 Dataset
CIFAR 10 Android Fix
Formatting Input Data
Building the Model
Freezing Graph and Training Model
Setting up the Android Project
Setting up UI
Loading and Displaying Image
Formatting Image Data for Model Input
Predicting and Displaying Results
Summary and Outro
Source Files


Face Detection

Intro and Demo
Tasks List
Loading Face and Non Face Images
Reformatting Input Data
Building Model and Writing Train and Test Scripts
Freezing Graph and Training and Testing Model
Setting up Android Project
Setting up UI
Loading and Display Images
Formatting Data and Running Inference
Displaying Results and Summary
Source Code


Emotions Detection

Intro and Demo
Tasks List
Loading and Formatting Data
Building Train and Test Data Sets
Building the Model
Building Train, Test, and Prediction Functions
Training and Testing the Model
Setting up Android Project
Importing and Displaying Images
Convert Images and Running Inference
Displaying Results and Summary
Source Code


Data Mining Introduction

Introduction to Data Mining
Project Files – Data Mining with Mammoth Interactive


Data Wrangling – A Complete Overview

Data Wrangling Demystified
Project Files – Data Wrangling with Mammoth Interactive


Data Mining Fundamentals

Cluster Analysis
Classification and Regression
Association and Correlation
Dimensionality Reduction
Project Files – Data Mining with Mammoth Interactive


Frameworks Explained – Taming Big Data with Spark

Apache Spark – An Overview Of The Framework
Spark Key Functions
Spark Machine Learning
EXAMPLES – Using The Machine Learning Pipeline
Project Files – Frameworks with Mammoth Interactive


EXAMPLES – Mining and Storing Data

Text Mining
Network Mining
Mining and Storing with Mammoth Interactive


NLP (Natural Language Processing)

NLP Data Cleaning
Count Vectorizer
NLP Example with Spam
Tweak Model with Spam Data
Pipeline with Spam Data
Project Files – NLP with Mammoth Interactive


Conclusion and Summary

Conclusion and Challenge
Conclusion Files – Mammoth Interactive


Learn to Code in HTML

Intro to HTML
Writing our first HTML
Intro to Lists and Comments
Nested Lists
Loading Images
Loading Images in Lists
Images as Link
Mailto Link
Div Element


Learn to Code in CSS

Introducing the Box Model
Writing our First CSS
More CSS Examples
More on Type Selectors
Getting Direct Descendents
Class Intro
Multiple Classes
id Intro
CSS Specificity
Selecting Multiple Pseudo Classes and Sibling Matching
Styling Recipe Page
Loading External Stylesheet


Learn to Code in JavaScript

Introduction to JS
Variables on JS
For Loops JS
Arrays and JSons
Conditional Statements
JavaScript Source Code – Mammoth Interactive


Introduction to D3

Development Env Setup
Adding D3 to Setup
Overview and Examples
Using the Console
Source Code


Handling Data

Modifying Selected Elements
Binding Data Intro
Binding data with Circles
Binding Data Using Indices
Source Code


Your First D3.js Project

Basic Lines
Generating Lines
Creating Random Data
Basic Bar Chart
Side by Side Bar Chart
Stacked Bar Chart
Basic Click
Source Code


Understanding Scales

Linear Scale With Circles
Scales in Two Dimensions
Adding Axis
Adding Axis Labels
Source Code


More Complex Charts

Pie Chart Intro
Adding Labels to Piechart
Adding Hover Effects to Pie chart
Source Code


Animations and Interactivity

Adding a Tooltip
Animation Intro
Adding Transition to Scatter Plots
Repeating Animation
Source Code


Setting up Flask

Setting up The Terminal – Part 1
Setting up the Terminal – Part 2
Setting up the Terminal – Part 3
Where to find Setup Files
Setting up Terminals on Windows 7 and Mac
Terminal basic commands and symbols
Source Code – Setting up Flask


Basic Flask HTML & CSS

Basic Flask HTML & CSS – Part 1
Basic Flask HTML & CSS – Part 2
Basic Flask HTML & CSS – Part 3
Basic Flask HTML & CSS – Part 4
Basic Flask HTML & CSS – Part 5
Source Code – Basic Flask HTML & CSS


Basic Flask Database

Building a Basic Form Part 1
Building a Basic Form Part 2
Basic Flask Database Part 1
Basic Flask Database Part 2
Flask Database Function Part 1
Flask Database Function Part 2
Flask Database Function Part 3
Flask Database Function Part 4
Flask Database Function Part 5
Source Code – Basic Flask Database


Flask Session and Resources

Flask Session Part 1
Flask Session Part 2
Flask Session Part 3
Online Materials Useful for Flask Part 1
Online Materials Useful For Flask Part 2
Source Code – Flask Session


Flask DigitalOcean

Introduction to Flask DigitalOcean Part 1
Introduction to Flask DigitalOcean Part 2
Flask DigitalOcean Part 3
Flask DigitalOcean Part 4
NGINX Server Part 1
NGINX Server Part 2
NGINX Server Part 3


Xcode Fundamentals

Intro and Demo
General Interface
Files System
Storyboard File
Connecting Outlets and Actions
Running an Application
Debugging an Application
Source Code and Art Assets


Swift 4 Language Basics

Language Basics Topics List


Variable and Constants

Learning Goals
Intro to Variables and Constants
Primitive types
Nil Values
Type Conversions
Assignment Operators
Conditional Operators
Variables and Constants Text.playground


Collection Types

Topics List and Learning Objectives
Intro to Collection Types
Creating Arrays
Common Array Operations
Multidimensional Arrays
Collection Types Text.playground


Control flow

Topics List and Learning Objectives
Intro to If and Else Statements
Else If Statements
Multiple Simultaneous Tests
Intro To Switch Statements
Advanced Switch Statement Techniques
Testing for Nil Values
Intro to While Loops
Intro to for…in Loops
Intro to For…In Loops (Cont’d)
Complex Loops and Loop Control statements
Control Flow Text.playground



Intro to Functions
Function Parameters
Return Statements
Parameter Variations – Argument Labels
Parameter Variations – Default Values
Parameters Variations – InOut Parameters
Parameter Variations – Variadic Parameters
Returning Multiple Values Simultaneously
Functions Text.playground


Classes, Struct and Enums

Topics List and Learning Objectives
Intro to Classes
Properties as fields – Add to Class Implementation
Custom Getters and Setters
Calculated Properties
Variable Scope and Self
Lazy and Static Variables
Behaviour as Instance Methods and Class type Methods
Behaviour and Instance Methods
Class Type Methods
Class Instances as Field Variables
Inheritance, Subclassing and SuperClassing
Overriding Initializers
Overriding Properties
Overriding Methods
Structs Overview
Comparisons between Classes, Structs and Enums
Classes, Structs, Enums Text.playground


Introduction to MacOS

Instructor Introduction
How to Get Started with MacOS
Course Requirements
Different Meanings of View


Most Used UI Elements Explained

UI Elements Outline
Text Field
Pop up Button
MacOsElements – Mammoth Interactive Source Code


Project 1 – Setting Up a Calculator

Calculator Intro
Calculator Getting Started
Tab View Controller


Build a Tax Calculator

Tax UI Elements
Tax Outlets
Tax View Controller Code
Tax View Controller Testing


Project 2 – Tip Calculator

Tip UI Elements
Tip Outlets
Tip View Controller Code
Calculate Tax And Tip – Mammoth Interactive Source Code


View Controller Lifecycle

View Controller Introduction
View Controller Life Cycle
Adjusting Code for View Controller Life
View Controller – Mammoth Interactive Source Code



Position Constraints
Size Constraints
Align Constraint


Coding Constraints

Tip View Controller Additional Outlets
Autoresizing Mask into Constraints
Tip View Controller Constraints (Part 1)
Tip View Controller Constraints (Part 2 and 3)
Constraints – Mammoth Interactive Source Code



Refactor Tax View Controller
Refactor Tips View Controller Alignment
Translate Autoresizing Mask Into Constraints
Refactor Tip View Controller Constraints
Refactor Tip View Controller Constraints (Part 2)
Refactor – Mammoth Interactive Source Code


Introduction to UI Design

Introduction to the Sketch Section
Sketch Installation
What is Sketch
UI Introduction
Layer View Intro
Inspector View Intro
Toolbar Intro


Sketch Tools and Basics

Pencil Vector Tool
Shapes Exercise
Artboard Fundamentals
Essentials about Text
What To Know About Colors
Layer Styles
Project – Calculator UI
Sketch Project Files – Mammoth Interactive


Creating Vector Graphics from Drawings

Creating Vector Graphics from Drawings


Online Resources and Plugins

Finding Inspiration
Finding Stock Images
Creating Color Palettes
Finding Fonts Online


Designing Your First Mobile App

Libraries Intro
Creating Your Own Libraries
Creating Dynamic UI Elements
Mobile Landing Page Activity
Creating the Log In Screen for our Application
Creating the Main Screen of Our Application
Creating the Settings Page for our Application
Creating Application User List
Create An App Icon
Creating a Landing Page
Sketch Project Files – Waves App by Mammoth Interactive


Shortcuts and Extra Tips

Useful Shortcuts in Sketch
Creating your Own Sketch Shortcuts
Using the Layout Grid
Sketch Cloud
Using Sketch Mirror
Sketch Files – Shortcuts by Mammoth Interactive


Animation Tools

Basic Animations Using Anima Timeline
More Animations Using Principle
Using the Paddy Plugin


Introduction to Video Editing

Introduction to the Course
Installing Camtasia
Exploring the Interface
Camtasia Project Files


Setting Up a Screen Recording

Introduction and Tips for Recording
Creating a Recording Account
Full Screen vs Window Mode
Setting the Recording Resolution
Different Resolutions and their Uses
Tips to Improve Recording Quality and Summary


Camtasia Recording

Introduction and Workflow
Tools Options Menu
Your First Recording
Viewing your Test
Mic Etiqutte
Project – Recording Exercise
Webcam, Telprompter, and Summary


Camtasia Screen Layout

Introduction and Tools Panel
Zoom N Pan
Yellow Snap Lines
TimeLine Basics, Summary and Challenge


Camtasia Editing

Introduction and Importing Media
Working with Audio
Clip Speed
Locking and Disabling tracks
Working with Images
Voice Narration
Noise Removal
Smart Focus
Summary and Challenge


Advance Editing Introduction

Advance Editing Introduction
Zooming Multiple Tracks
Color Adjustment
Clip Speed
Remove a Color
Device Frame
Theme Manager
Media and Summary


Camtasia Resources and Tips

Resources and Tips Introduction
Extending Frames
Working with Video


Exporting a Project for Youtube

Exporting a Project for Youtube


Introduction to C#

Introduction to C#


Starting a C# Project

Creating a New Project


C# Primitive Types

Primitive Types
Source Code


C# Type Conversion

Type Conversion
Source Code


C# Operators

Source Code


C# Classes and Additional Types

Arrays and Strings
Source Code


Statements & Loops

Random & Control Flow
Source Code


Lists and Arrays

Types of Arrays
Source Code


Strings and Text

Modifying String
Procedural Programmin
Source Code


Date and Time

Date and Time
Source Code


Files and Directories

Modifying Files
Directories and Path Class
Source Code


Debugging a C# Application

Debugging Application
Source Code
Bonus Lecture – Mammoth Interactive Deals

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