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Learn Flappy Bird Unity




Unity and Blender IT Training


Technology Learners


Both Classroom and Online Classes


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

30 to 45 days

Unity and Blender What will you learn?

•Learn to use tools in Unity and Blender.Learn Unity and Blender proficiently in a structured fashion.
•A Beginner’s Guide to Unity and Blender Coding from scratch
•Learn how to handle errors and exceptions in Unity and Blender.
•Learn How to interact with Unity and Blender, Step By Step
•You’ll learn how to solve well known problems in Unity and Blender.
•Learn Basic and Advanced Unity and Blender Programming and become a Unity and Blender Developer
•How to handle different types of data inside a workflow using Unity and Blender.
•Gain the ability to adapt to any coding language with the concepts of Unity and Blender

learn flappy bird unity Course Features

•You Get Real Time Project to practice
•We  Groom up your documents and profiles
•Job Placement Assistance with Good Companies
•Immersive hands-on training on Python Programming
•Fast track and Sunday Batches available on request
•Training by Proficient Trainers with more than a decade of experience
•Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving implementation of the concepts
•This Instructor-led classroom course is designed with an aim to build theoretical knowledge supplemented by ample hands-on lab exercises

Who are eligible for Unity and Blender

•.Net Developer, SilverLight, MVC3, Entity Framework 4, WCF, SQL/PLSQL, c#, SQL Server 2008, HTML5, .Net
•Cognos Developer, Ab initio developer, Java Developers, .net Architects, Informatica, MSBI, Tivoli Monitoring, Oracle Apps functional and technical, change
•Java, Scrum Master, Agile, C#, It, Al, Big Data, Hadoop, .Net, Non It, It Recruitment, Ios, Android, React, Web Designing, Selenium, Testing, Qa, Cloud
•React.js, asp.net core, .net Core, React Native, Front End Developers, .Net Developers, .Net Tech Leads
•Storage Domain Professionals, SAN, NAS, Devops Engineer, Developer – Storage Domain, File System, Storage Domain, RAID, CIFS, NFS, Linux, Kernel Programming


Let’s Begin
•Download Unity and Tools
•Create Flappy Bird From Scratch
•Create a project and put necessary Assets and make Animations
•Create Player Controller and Enemy movement script
•level Design and Health conditions
•Spawn managers and Gold functionality
•Upgrade Spawn Managers and Gold Functionality
•Destroyer And Sound Effects
•Score System
•Main Menu And Lose Panel
•Build Application
•Fix issues and Test the game
•extra: Limits condition
•Sunny Land 2D Game
•Episode1: Tilemap and the Player
•Episode2: Player Controller And Eagle (Enemie)
•Episode 3 : Health Point ,Diamond Score and Jump
•Episode4: Collider Detector And Health Point Fix
•Episode5 : Upgrade Spawn Managers and Gold Functionality
•Color Switch 2D Game
•ColorSwitch: Conception
•Episode2: Create Ball and Random Color of Circle
•Episode 3: Circle Rotation and Score System
•Episode4: Make Multiple Forms
•2D Colliders and Rigidbody2D
•BasketBall 2D Game
•Knife Hit 2D Game
•Episode1: Knife script and 2D colliders
•Episode 2: Log rotate Script
•Space Shooter 2D
•Add Player enemie and spawner and effects
•(Make Player Mvm and spawn bullets)
•Make Enemie and player Bullet,add Scripts and functions
•Score and Health
•musics and sfx and particle system
•Analog and destroy effects
•RESOLUTION and build
•Ellen Game
•Episode1: Import assets and make animations & animator
•Episode 2: jump and and mouvement
•Episode 3:Fixing Jump
•Episode 4 : Make Enemies and Level Design
•Episode 5: Add Sound effects
•Episode 6: Loose Panel and Create Gunner
•Episode 7: Gunner Bullet
•Episode 8: Ellen Attack
•Episode 9: Foot Steps Sounds Using Animations Events