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Full Stack React Python And Graphql




Python Computer Training


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Daily 2 hrs during Weekdays

Python What will you learn?

•An overview about Python concepts.
•See how to build a Python code.
•Learn from simple and interactive sessions on Python
•Students will learn how to build apps using Python.From A-Z: The Complete Beginners-Advanced Masterclass – Learn Python
•Learn how to build bug-free, memory safe applications and programs
•Learn Basic and Advanced Python Programming and become a Python Developer
•Learn the core fundamentals of Python to fast-track your development process
•Dive in and learn Python step-by-step from beginner to intermediate level by building a practical project!

full stack react python and graphql Course Highlights

•24 × 7 = 365 days supportive faculty
• First step to landing an entry-level job
•Doubt clarification in class and after class
•We enage Experienced trainers for Quality Training
•Highly Experienced Trainer with 10+ Years in MNC Company
•Collaboration With 500+ Clients for Placements and Knowledge Sessions
•Every class will be followed by practical assignments which aggregates to minimum 60 hours.
•Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Online Trainings.

Who are eligible for Python

•CNC Engineer, Software Developer, Testing Engineer, Implementation, Core Java, Struts, hibernate, Asp.net, c#, SQL Server, CNC Programming, backDb2 Dba, SQL Dba, Java Developers, Java Lead, Firmware Developer, asp.net developer, Device Driver Developer, Hybris Developer, e Commerce Architect, ATG, WCS
•Java/j2ee, Microsoft, Erp, Cloud, Qa/testing, Automation Testing, Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Agile Project Management, Mobility
•networking, Test Cases, Automation Testing, perl, python, Protocol Testing, http, l4, l7, dns, tcp, ip, smtp, Cloud Computing, l3, l2, pig
•Software Engineer, Business Operational Analyst, Project Manager, Software Test Engineer, Android Developers, HTML5 Developers, IT Help Desk, IT Freshers


Getting Started
•What You Need for This Course
•How to Get the Most out of This Course
•Intro / Refresher on GraphQL
•Queries, Using GraphiQL, GraphQL compared to REST
•GraphQL Type System / Schema, Object vs. Scalar Types, Arguments
•Mutations for Creating, Updating, Deleting Data in GraphQL
•Dynamic Values in Queries / Mutations with GraphQL Variables
•Intro to Graphene / GraphQL in Python
•Hello World in Graphene
•Syntax in Graphene / Snakecase vs Camelcase
•Object Types, Arguments in Queries
•Mutations / Default Values
•Variables in Queries / Mutations
•Self and Info Values
•Building a GraphQL Backend with Django / Graphene
•Creating Base Django Project
•Making Tracks App / Modeling Track Data
•Adding Track Data / Creating Schema with Graphene-Django
•Integrating GraphiQL for Interact with App Data
•Adding Mutations / Creating New Tracks
•Creating New Users
•Querying Users by ID
•User Authentication with Django-GraphQL-JWT
•Authorization Headers to Get Current Auth User
•Connecting Users with Tracks
•Updating Tracks
•Deleting Tracks
•Adding Likes Model / Creating Likes
•Querying Likes / Querying Tracks with Associated Likes
•Error Handling with GraphQLError
•Adding Full Text Search to our Tracks
•Developing a React Client App for the Backend
•Adding our React Client App
•Exploring the React Source Code
•Setting up Apollo Client / Executing Queries with React Apollo
•Enabling django-cors-headers for Connecting to our Backend
•Creating our Register Form
•Executing GraphQL Operations Client-Side with Apollo Dev Tools
•Storing Form State with useState
•Executing Mutations with Mutation Component / Register User Mutation
•Finishing Register (Success Dialog, Toggling Auth Components, Transitions)
•Custom Error Component / Improved Error Handling
•Build out Login Form / Execute Login Mutation for JWT
•Using Apollo Client State to Manage Auth State
•Adding JWT to our Authorization Header with Apollo Client
•Adding Routing with React Router 4
•Styling our Header
•Signing Out Users with Signout Button
•Creating Loading Component
•Displaying Tracks with Track List
•Building CreateTrack Button / Dialog
•Improving CreateTrack Dialog
•Audio Uploads / Creating New Tracks
•RefetchQueries to Update UI After Mutation
•Uncontrolled vs Controlled Components / Setting File Upload Limit
•Add Ability to Play / Download Uploaded Audio Files
•Add Search Tracks Component / Functionality
•Updating Track List According to Search Results
•Using React Context / useContext to Avoid Props Drilling
•Creating Likes / Liking Tracks
•Disabling Multiple Likes Per Track
•Understanding the Apollo Cache / Update vs. RefetchQueries
•Updating our Cache upon Creating Tracks
•Updating Cache upon Deleting Tracks
•Modifying Fetching Behavior of Queries with Fetch-Policy
•Building Users’ Profile Page
•Finishing our App