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2 Months

Android Development Objectives

•How to create a Android Development Project.
•Explore how to use existing features in Android Development.Implement Android Development in your apps and integrate it.
•Learn Android Development with Practical Hands-On Exercises for beginners
•Learn or brush up with the basics of Android Development
•Learn Android Developmentat a minimal cost and enjoy the instructor support.
•Learn the Ins and Outs of Android Development in few Hours
•Go from ‘zero’ to a true Android Development expert’. Learn by examples
•Learn to build applications on the most flexible enterprise platform for Distributed applications.

codekul android online course training Training Highlights

•Most comprehensive Industrry curriculum
• First step to landing an entry-level job
•Accessibility of adequate training resources
•We Provide the Course Certificate of completion
•Indutry oriented training with corporate casestudies
•Collaboration With 500+ Clients for Placements and Knowledge Sessions
•One-on-one training, online training, team or Corporate training can be provided
•We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts

Who are eligible for Android Development

•.Net, Asp.net, Application Support, Manual Testing, Business Analyst, Angularjs, Angular6, Angular7, Node.js, Mean Stack, Mern, Dot Net Developer, Fresher
•ETL Developer, Informatica MDM, SAP BO, SAP HANA, Oracle Apps Functional Finance, Finance Modules, 11i, R12, Oracle Apps, Oracle Apps DBA, EBusiness Suite
•Java Developer, Production Support, Asp.Net, Oracle Applications, Pl Sql Developer, Hyperion Planning, Dot Net, UI Designer, UI Developer, MS CRM, Hardware
•Oracle DBA, Network Architect, Service Now Developer, Windows Admin, System Admin, BMC BPM, VM WARE, Linux Admin, Storage Admin, Project Manager (Data Center)
•Software Development, Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Oozie, Big Data Analytics, Java, Python, R, Cloud, Data Quality, Scala, Nosql, Sql Database, Core Java


•Gradle Project Creation in Android
•3. Gardle Plugins in Android
•4. Gradle Overriding Existing Task
•5. Gradle Creating Custom Tasks
•6. Gradle Build via Command line
•8. New Project in Github Android
•Android Core Topics
•9. Android Studio Part – 1
•Emulator Creation in Android
•7.Manifest File in Android
•10. Activity Definition – 1
•11. Appcompact Activity – 2
•12. View and View Hierarchy Intro – 3
•13. Android Context – 4
•14. Android Layout Fundamentals – 5
•15. UI via XML in Android – 6
•16. Providing and Finding by id – 7
•17. Event Handler Inner Class in Android
•18. Running on Device in Android
•19. Event Handling Anonymous Inner Class
•20. Relative Layout in Android
•21. View Measurement Units in Android
•22. View Properties Margin Padding Gravity in Android
•23. Weight Attribute in Android
•24. Nested Layouts in Android
•25. Inter Activity Setup in Android Part – 1
•26. Inter Activity Starting Activity in Android Part – 2
•27. Inter Activity Sending Data Part – 3
•28. Inter Activity Creating Result
•29. Inter Activity Coming Back to Main
•30. Inter Activity Some Coding Standards in Android
•31. Compound View in Android Part – 1
•32. Compound View Layout Inflater Part – 2
•33. Compound View Inflate Method
•34. Custom View Constructors Part – 1
•35. Custom View Overriding Ondraw Part – 2
•36. Bouncing Ball Setup in Android Part – 1
•37. Bouncing Ball rxjava Integration in Android
•38. View Animation Setup
•39. View Animation Zoom Rotate Mixed in Android
•40. List View Setup in Android
•41. List View Array Adapter in Android
•42. Android Grid View Part – 1
•43. Grid View Custom Adapter Part – 2
•44. Grid View Adapter Methods Part – 3
•45. Grid View Memory Optimization Adapter Part – 4
•46. Activity Life Cycle in Android
•47. Saving State of Activity in Android
•48. Providing Resources in Android Part – 1
•49. Providing Resources Own in Android Part – 2
•50. Simple Value Resources Part – 1
•51. Simple Value Resources Styles in Android Part – 2
•52. Fragments Introduction in Android Part – 1
•53. Fragment Creating Fragment Part – 2
•54. Fragments Framelayout Part – 3
•55. Fragments Transaction Part – 4
•56. Fragment Passing Data Last in Android
•57. Toast and Dialog Setup Part – 1
•58. Dialogs First Alert in Android
•59. Dialogs Architecture and Alert Dialog in Android
•60. Dialogs Date Time Picker in Android
•61. Dialogs Progress in Android
•62. Dialogs Custom Dialog Last in Android
•63. Status bar Notification in Android
•64. UI thread Introduction in Android
•65. UI Thread New Thread in Android
•66. UI Thread Handlers in Android
•67. UI Thread Asynctask in Android
•68. UI Thread rxAndroid
•69. Intent Intentfilters Introduction
•70. Intent Intentfilters Implemetation
•71. Intent Intent Filters Builtin in Android
•72. Broadcast Receiver Introduction
•73. Broadcast Receiver via Code in Android
•74. Broadcast Receiver via XML in Android
•75. Service Introduction
•76. Service Media Player in Android
•77. Service Intent Service in Android
•78. Services AIDL Introduction in Android
•79. Service AIDL in Android
•80. Storage Shared Prefernces in Android
•81. Storage Internal Storage
•82. External Storage in Android
•83. Sqlite Helper in Android
•84. Sqlite Insert in Android
•85. Sqlite Query in Android
•86. Sqlite Update Delete Raw Query in Android
•87. Content Provider Contact List in Android
•88. Content Provider Custom
•89. Json Parsing Introduction
•90. Json Parsing Json Object in Android
•91. Json Parsing Gson in Android
•92. Web Services App
•93. Web Services Get Weather
•94. Web Services Post Method
•95. Location Geocoder in Android
•96. Location Getting Provider
•97. Location Requesting Location in Android
•98. Map Setup in Android
•99. Map Marker Lines Circles
•100. Sensors in Android
•101. Wifi in Android
•102. Telephony in Android
•103. Bluetooth Part – 1
•104. Bluetooth Part – 2