Machine Learning Masterclass: From Beginner to Advanced

What you’ll learn Code in multiple programming languages Understand and expand on machine learning concepts for your own projects Make facial fraud detection models & a stock market prediction app. Understand data visualization, Apache Spark, SQL, NLP, Matplotlib Design and build stunning data visualizations with D3. js. Use Flask, a micro web framework written in […]

The Complete Machine Learning 2020|Python, Math|Dummy To Pro

What you’ll learn Achieve the mastery in machine learning from simple linear regression to advanced reinforcement learning projects. Get a deeper intuition about different Machine Learning nomenclatures. Be able to manipulate different algorithms with the power of Mathematics. Write different kinds of algorithms from scratch with Python. Be able to preprocess any kind of Datasets. […]

Machine Learning and Data Science Hands-on with Python and R

What you’ll learn Learn the use of Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Master Machine Learning on Python & R Master Machine Learning on Tensorflow Learn Statistics, Python, Artificial Intelligence AI, Tensorflow, AWS. Learn Deep Learning, R Programming, NLP, Bayesian Methods, A/B Testing, Business Intelligence BI, Regression. Learn Hypothesis Testing, Algebra, Adaboost Regressor, Gaussian, […]