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Aws Certified Solutions Architect Associate




Amazon AWS IT Institute


Technology Learners


Both Classroom and Online Classes


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

Fast Track and Regular 60 Days

Amazon AWS What will you learn?

•Basic to Advance concepts of Amazon AWS
•Work with standard programming skills in Amazon AWS.
•Learn Amazon AWS from scratch. Code like a PRO
•Students will learn how to build apps using Amazon AWS.Learn or brush up with the basics of Amazon AWS
•Learn Amazon AWS at your own pace with quality learning videos.
•Learn all about Amazon AWS from basic to advanced with interactive tutorials.
•Build a strong knowledge base on Amazon AWS from Scratch to Advanced level
•Learn the absolute basics about Amazon AWS from scratch and take your skills to another level

aws certified solutions architect associate Training Highlights

•24 × 7 = 365 days supportive faculty
•Free technical support for students
•Doubt clarification in class and after class
•The courses range from basic to advanced level
•Facility of Lab on cloud available (based on booking)
•Training by Proficient Trainers with more than a decade of experience
•We provide one to one mentorship for the students and Working Professionals
•We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts

Who are eligible for Amazon AWS

•.Net, Automation Testing, Php, Front End, Graphic Designing, Ui Designing, It Recruiter, Facility Management, Odi Developer, Hyperion Essbase, Java, Devops
•Java Developer, Mainframes Developer, Sap Consultant, Qa, Network Operations, C++ Developer, Wintel Admin
•Java, Cc++ Developers, .Net Developers, Python Developers, Php Developers, Qa Test Engineers, Sharepoint Developers Veritas Engineers.
•scala, React.js, Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, Fullstack Developers, Ui/ux Designers, Test Engineering, Site Reliability Engineer, Machine Learning
•Software Developer, IBM MDM, QA, Business Anlaysit, Business Analyst, Software Engineer, Java, Informatica, DataStage, Project Mangement


Introduction 2019
•How To Find The Resources For This Course.
•The Exam Blue Print
•Why Should I Learn AWS
•AWS – 10,000 Foot Overview
•The History Of AWS
•How To Sign Up To AWS.
•10,000 Foot Overview Quiz
•Identity Access Management & S3
•IAM 101
•IAM Lab
•Create A Billing Alarm
•S3 101
•Let’s Create An S3 Bucket
•S3 Pricing Tiers
•S3 Security And Encryption
•S3 Version Control
•S3 Lifecycle Management and Glacier
•AWS Organizations
•Sharing S3 Buckets Between Accounts
•Cross Region Replication
•Transfer Acceleration
•CloudFront Overview
•CloudFront Lab
•Snowball Overview
•Snowball Lab
•Storage Gateway
•Athena vs Macie
•Identity Access Management & S3 Summary
•Identity Access Management & S3 Quiz
•EC2 101
•Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty With EC2 –
•Security Groups Basics
•EBS 101
•Volumes & Snapshots
•AMI Types (EBS vs Instance Store)
•ENI vs ENA vs EFA
•Encrypted Root Device Volumes & Snapshots
•AWS This Week
•CloudWatch 101
•CloudWatch Lab
•The AWS Command Line
•Using IAM Roles With EC2
•Using Boot Strap Scripts
•EC2 Instance Meta Data
•Elastic File System
•FSX for Windows & FSX for Lustre
•EC2 Placement Groups
•EC2 Summary
•EC2 Quiz
•Databases On AWS
•Databases 101
•Let’s Create An RDS Instance
•RDS Backups, Multi-AZ & Read Replicas
•RDS Backups, Multi-AZ & Read Replicas – Lab
•Databases Summary
•Databases on AWS Quiz
•DNS 101
•Route53 – Register A Domain Name Lab
•Route53 Routing Policies Available On AWS
•Simple Routing Policy Lab
•Weighted Routing Policy Lab
•Latency Routing Policy
•Failover Routing Policy
•Geolocation Routing Policy
•Geoproximity Routing Policy (Traffic Flow Only)
•Multivalue Answer
•Route53 Summary
•Route53 Quiz
•Introduction To VPCs
•Build A Custom VPC –
•Network Address Translation (NAT)
•Access Control Lists (ACL)
•Custom VPCs and ELBs
•VPC Flow Logs
•Direct Connect
•Setting Up A VPN Over A Direct Connect Connection
•Global Accelerator
•VPC End Points
•VPCs Quiz
•HA Architecture
•Load Balancers Theory
•Load Balancers And Health Checks Lab
•Advanced Load Balancer Theory
•Autoscaling Theory
•Autoscaling Groups Lab
•HA Word Press Site
•Setting Up EC2
•Adding Resilience And Autoscaling
•Cleaning Up
•Elastic Beanstalk
•HA Architecture Quiz
•Elastic Transcoder
•API Gateway
•Web Identity Federation – Cognito
•Applications Quiz
•Lambda Concepts
•Let’s Build A Serverless Webpage
•Let’s Build An Alexa Skill
•Serverless Quiz
•Good Luck & What’s Next
•Good Luck & How To Book Your Exam!
•Practice Exam 1
•Practice Exam 2