LoadRunner Course


LoadRunner Course Overview

LoadRunner is a software testing tool from Micro Focus. It is used to test applications, measuring system behaviour and performance under load. LoadRunner can simulate thousands of users concurrently using application software, recording and later analyzing the performance of key components of the application.

Integrate load testing into your development tools: IDE, jUnit, nUnit, Jenkins, Selenium and Microsoft Visual Studio. Starting with version 12.55, you can run your JMeter scripts and integrate JMeter with additional script types in any performance test.

The objectives of this course is to make you understand the complete load testing life cycle: Creating scripts to simulate real life workflows, Developing multiuser workload scenario, Running tests on production quality hardware, Analyzing results. You will learn to develop a workable strategy for load testing of an enterprise learning management system.

What is LoadRunner?

Load Runner is an industry leading Performance and Load Test automation tool, with a market share of 77%, for examining system behavior, software performance under load conditions.

Who are eligible for doing the LoadRunner Course?

Individuals who are interested can take up the course as well as Quality Assurance Professionals, Dev Ops Professional, Developers, System Integrator

What Skills are required to learn this Course?

Working Knowledge of Web Development and Familiarity with a Programming Language.

What are the Job Opportunities after this Course?

After completion of course you will get jobs as Test analyst, Automation tester in the companies like Capgemini, United health, Broadridge and more.

What are the Main topics Covered in this Course?

The main concepts covered in the course are Introduction, VUGEN, Recording Script using VUGEN, Introduction to Output window in VUGEN, Introduction to VUGEN parameters, Correlations, Load runner Testing Process, Introduction to Load generators, Creating and running a manual scenario and many more.

LoadRunner Course Syllabus




Recording Script using VUGEN

Introduction to Output window in VUGEN

Introduction to VUGEN parameters

Configuring Run time settings


Loadrunner Testing Process

Introduction to Load generators

Creating and running a manual scenario

Running scenarios and controlling Vusers

Viewing Vusers during executions

Creating Goal Oriented scenario