IBM Informix Course


IBM Informix Course Overview

IBM Informix on Cloud offers the complete feature set of on-premises Informix deployments. Run your OLTP queries and workloads on an optimized instance and use the Informix warehouse accelerator to configure in-memory query acceleration for predictive analytics. Get the benefits of Informix without the cost, complexity and risk of managing your own infrastructure.

IBM Informix Advanced delivers ultimate data warehouse performance for small to midsize businesses whose leaders seek a turnkey solution. It includes the Informix Warehouse Accelerator, unlimited replication cluster nodes and up to two high-availability cluster nodes of any type. 

Cloud offering provides an Informix database on IBM cloud. It offers customers the rich features of an on-premises Informix deployment without the cost, complexity, and risk of managing their own infrastructure. Informix on Cloud brings you the high-performance engine that integrates TimeSeries, Spatial, NoSQL, and SQL data together with easy access via MQTT, REST and MongoDB APIs.

What is IBM Informix?

IBM Informix® is a secure embeddable database, optimized for OLTP and Internet of Things (IoT) data. Informix has the unique ability to seamlessly integrate SQL, NoSQL/JSON, time series and spatial data. Everyone from developers to global enterprises can benefit from its reliability, flexibility, ease of use and low total cost of ownership.

Who are eligible for doing the IBM Informix Course?

Individual with prior experience and also software Developers, Analytics Professionals, BI/ETL/DW Professionals, Mainframe Developers and Architects, Individual Contributors in the field of Enterprise Business Intelligence

What Skills are required to learn this Course?

Individual must possess Knowledge of basic SQL, Basic UNIX Commands.

What are the Job Opportunities after this Course?

IBM Informix used by 9000 companies around the globe with plenty of opportunities. Also there are many supporting companies from India.

What are the Main topics Covered in this Course?

In this course the main concepts are Introduction to IDS Terminology, IDS Data Types, Creating Databases and Tables, Create databases and tables, Altering and Deleting Databases and Tables, Managing and Maintaining Indexes, Maintaining Table and Index Partitioning, Referential and Entity Integrity and more.

IBM Informix Course Syllabus

Introduction to IDS Terminology

IDS Data Types

Creating Databases and Tables

Create databases and tables

Altering and Deleting Databases and Tables

Create, Alter, and Drop Indexes

Managing and Maintaining Indexes

Table and Index Partitioning

Maintaining Table and Index Partitioning

Cost-Based Query Optimizer

Updating Statistics and Data Distributions

Managing the Optimizer

Referential and Entity Integrity

Managing Constraints

Modes and Violation Detection

Concurrency Control

Data Security


Introduction to Stored Procedures